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Videos from Helsinki

I think Martina might make a link, anyway…
here there are 3 parts of the video documentation of how the things were in Helsinki

click here

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lots of photos at

soon video-docu at YouTube

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time to wake up, girls, in Cologne people are waiting… (hehehehehe)


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…here are the pure patterns (yet without transitions) of the german group 😉

>>> made by thomas

>>> made by lisa k.

>>> made by martina

>>> made by cathleen

>>> made by lisa

>>> made by ira

>>> made by michael

>>> made by daniel

>>> made by nicole

>>> made by matthias

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Helsinki and Avanto…

Can you imagine that we are in the middle of the Avanto Festival? Anyway we are brave enough to keep on working instead of running to the films or concerts. Avanto is a music and film festival where you can see lots of strange nice stuff…
If you are curious you can take a look at:

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We had a pattern soup today

Potatos, soja meat, rice, champignons, majerona, onions, bread…

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The Cold Machine

Markus brought the idea of drawing a “cold machine” that was imagine by five-year-old kids… We took a long time to find out that actually the cold machine was a gold machine and that it was a mind game… The result though is incredible. I really like it…

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the german pattern ideas

Lisa K
_ is interested in a pattern inspired by a forest structur
_ she is digitally stitching

_ pattern of housefacades in vector style

_ photorealistic saunapattern

Lisa W (o-tone)

the pattern I want to create should not necessarily be typically Finnish or typically German. I want to create a pattern or form which seems a bit fluid, very calm and warm in itself. while working I accidently created a form which I happened to like a lot. it reminds me of German ornamentals though, therefore one cannot quite say my pattern would be typically German or Finnish.
I think what I connect with Finland (very personally though) is a very calm atmosphere in combination with a stunning landscape and a very nostalgic and free feeling. I suppose the landscape up there could sharpen my senses and make my fantasy flow more freely, and that’s what I am trying to express in my pattern.
_ pattern of socks and a line, perhaps combined with stars since the germans are so romantic!

_ stitchpattern in ascii
_ gothic architecture as a pattern with distorted perspective

_ vectorpatterns of cross-country ski runs and birches

_ combination/mixture of a german/finnish geometrical/organic pattern

_ pattern of german/finnish hats
_ pattern of may birches

Nicole (o-tone)
ich m??chte versuchen, dass ich mich in meinem muster entweder mit ornamenten besch?ftige oder eher minimalistischen organischen formen widme (eher feligraner natur, also eher in finischer mannier).

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first bainstorming – Helsinki

2 forms, focus chances between them

Kids with the process of gold making machine

Words: form and content as patterns maybe poems

Supportive. Pre-colombian patterns. Figure out if there are finish or german perspectives of objects in one pattern

Invent a new plant: Finish and German plants collecting finger prints..

1. Topography of pattern keeping the topography of objects.
2. Nature of pattern, repetition, pattern does not define a space: create a sense of infinity. sphere.

Simple pattern with interference, a distortion

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