suomi fusion

German-Finnish Pattern-Culture


A pattern is a constant structure that is based on repetitive processes / algorithms. This does not only refer to design but can also describe behavior and traditions. Issue 4 of the fusion magazine investigates the pattern in its pure functionality to give character to a surface with a focus on German and Finnish pattern-culture. Patterns, structures and ornaments are important components of visual identity. Starting from early textile patterns sometimes because of technical issues but often to express affiliation to contemporary corporate identities we see everywhere these days. What about cultural identities in days of computational design and globalization? Can patterns still be used in the same way? We will oppose traditional German and Finnish patterns, point out differences and consistency and will explore their usage today. How can we continue their development and maybe combine patterns with a totally different history?

The 4th issue of the *fusion magazine will be developed in coorporation with the HIAP/Cable Factory Helsinki. The workshop will take place in Helsinki and in Cologne from Nov. 16th to Nov. 19th.
* Marcia Vaitsman (h) * Martina H??fflin (c) * Pascal Glissmann (h) * Olivier Arcioli * Daniel Brandt * Matthias Gerding (c) * Tom Hawranke (C) * Shoji Kato (h) * Lisa Klinkenberg (c) * Evelina Rajca (c) * Anna Mari R?s?nen-Rogers (h) * Markus Renvall (h) * Therese Schuleit (c) * Lisa Wiechert (c) * Cathleen Wolter (c) * Anna (h)

* Jukka J?rvinen (h) * Tiina Lamminen (h) * Lena Seraphin (h) * Ursle Schneider (h) * Adnan Yldz (h) – one day the will show up…

(c) = Cologne
Academy of Media Arts

Filzengraben 8-10
Atelier 4th Floor

(h) = Helsinki

Kaapelitehdas (Cable Factory)
Tallberginkatu 1 C
00180 Helsinki
And HIAP is located in the 4th floor of the C staircase.

16. November
10:00 Introduction
(1) *fusion magazine
(2) Short presentation by all participants (5-10 min)
(3) Cultural Patterns
12:00 hands-on patterns
Each participant will develop a pattern that is inspired by the material and the stereotypes of the other country/culture. Analog or digital, with paint and paper or with vector/pixel software – the way to do this is totally free but there should be a digital file in the end.
17:00 sundowner conference
report from cologne and helsinki

17. November
10:00 breakfast conference
report from cologne and helsinki
10:30 hands-on patterns
Continue the work on the individual patterns
17:00 sundowner conference
report from cologne and helsinki

18. November
10:00 breakfast conference | planning the final magazine
Each participant should have a pattern in a digital format now – the PDF file must be placed on the FTP server. Together we will decide the order of these in the final booklet/leporello. Each participant creates a second pattern that is a transition from his/her first pattern to the following one in the booklet. pure fusion!
10:30 hands-on transitions
Create the transition from your pattern to the next one
17:00 saturday sundowner conference (bring drinks!)
report from cologne and helsinki

19. November
11:00 deadline transitions
The final PDF that includes the pattern and the transition should be placed on the FTP server by now. We will produce one final digital file with all patterns. At the same time both groups will handcraft one printed copy. Print-Format: widht: 42cm x height: 19cm, Colors: black/brown (731C, Pantone coated)
14:00 final presentation